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Army Of Zero, from Point Zero Games, is two games in one.  Firstly, it's a card and dice game in which two players pit their team of warriors against each other.  Players use their judgement to pick the right character to use at the right time, and second-guess their opponent to choose when to attack and when to defend.  The game is designed to be quick and easy to both learn and play, encouraging children and their parents to play together.  You can learn the game in five minutes, and play it in fifteen, so parents can get into the game easily and play it with their children.

 But Army of Zero also holds a secret.  The deck of eighty-four character cards hides a series of puzzles and the person who submits the best solution before the closing date will win a cash prize.  The puzzles are aimed at older children and adults, so the game can be enjoyed by older and younger generations alike.

 For more information, please visit www.pointzerogames.com.

 The game is available at pointzerogames for an introductory price of £10.00.  It's also available on amazon.

Totz2teens Member Review:
A new game to play for both adults and children.  The game is for 2 players but we were able to work it to a tournament so everyone got a turn at playing.  The children picked up the rules fairly easily although we did have to keep referring to them.  I personally would have preferred the rules to have been on a piece of paper rather than on cards but that was a personal preference and doesn't harm game play at all.  The box comes complete with the cards and dice.   Each card has 4 components speed, combat, weapon and armour.  Using the dice to add to these scores is great because it becomes so much more random and you cant really plan your army.  Once we picked the game up the games flowed better and we were able to get a match going quite easily.  My children love clans and army style computer games so it was exciting playing for them to be doing a pokemon style card game instead.

The second part of this game is the puzzle.  We didn't really get very far with this for the review but no doubt my husband and sons will attempt this further as I am sure curiosity will get the better of them. 

This is a calm game to play and doesn't take up too much space either boxed nor when playing which is a bonus.

I believe this makes a lovely present for any young man.  young or old!!!  Perhaps even a Fathers Day present as I am sure they would get caught up in playing with their children and trying to solve the puzzles within the cards.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5


Cluedo  £14.99
An ‘A-list’ starlet with a shady past; an ageing football legend turned pundit; a former child star and a billionaire video-game designer – these are just a few of the suspects for Hasbro’s new and exciting version of Cluedo.

 In the game where everybody’s a suspect, everything has been brought up to date with a bang. New weapons and new rooms are all part of the modern twist, and to add a little more pressure, players will have to track down the murderer before they strike again!

In this thrilling new version players can choose from new murder weapons such as poison, an axe, a dumbbell and a trophy, and search through brand new murder scenes, including a patio, a theatre, a spa and a guest house.

Hasbro have also added more intrigue to the game play as each suspect has their own special skill such as looking at other people’s cards or starting a double rumour.  There are also chances for players to avoid questioning and send some snooping opponents back to the start of the game. In this new version of Cluedo it’s all about looking after number one!

Totz2teens Review:
Amazing how a revamp gets everyone buzzing.  Well in the house that was certainly the case.  I noticed some changes almost immediately.  But all good ones actually.  The rooms hav been updated and some of the weapons have too.  I have to comment about the rules booklet.  FANTASTIC.  I have never come across a rules book done in an easy to read style like this one.  I was able to read through with the family to get everyone up to speed.  We referred to it a couple of times and it was so easy to find where we wanted.  Some exciting additions such as the intrigue cards really helped bring the game up to date.  The worst bit (for me) but the best bit for the rest of the family was the clock cards.  This is when playing with children comes into its own.  You risk picking up cards and once 7 are out the 8th card means you are out of the game.  Well I got the 8th card unfortunately.  We all had a real laugh and it was great teaching the children.  I think they are just at the right age now for this sort of game which was perfect.

The new version is great - We know you wont be disappointed and I would definately go for this version so stick the old one in the loft and get this one - its brill.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Moon Sand construction Set £14.99

Moon Sand Construction SetChildren can build bricks and then transport them to the construction site in the dump truck to build walls and buildings. Dig holes using the scooper and move your sand around the construction site with the hand crane.

Moon Sand is a new modelling compound with all the fun of the beach but without the mess! Squish it, shape it or mould it! Moulds like dough but it never dries out, you can reuse again and again, indoors or out. Moon Sand won't stick or stain and any spills can be easily vacuumed up.

Includes Dump Truck with dumper and scoop, hand crane, play mat, plunge and play brick maker, construction worker moulds and two colours of sand.

Totz2teens Review:  Moon sand is fantastic.  The pack comes with its own mat, dumper truck and the most amazing moulds.  You can build yourself a builder which can be played with without crumbling unless you want too of course.  The brick maker is really cool - pop in the sand and press down - voila you have some bricks to build or transport around.  I put the sand in containers but my son left lots out as he was running the truck through it.  2 days on and its still perfectly useable which is great. When he had got some on my table cloth I thought OH NO but sure enough it just brushed off.  The set has tons of play value and would make a super present for someone.  I notice there are lots of different sets which look like lots of fun too.   Obviously their advertising has done well as my son was singing the tune from it all day too.  My son played for a long time with this and I am sure that any child would find it hard to resist playing with moon sand.  It was really nice to play with a different construction moulding type substance and to be able to adapt it so well to have fun with.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5


Calling all Littlest Pet Shop lovers! Introducing the brand new world of the VIP’s (Virtual Interactive Pets).  These fantastic collectables have taken Pet play to the next level by launching an online virtual world.

The range includes cool soft toys - panda, penguin, turtle, dog and cat - each with a secret code on their collar. On inputting the code online at www.littlestpetshop.com users will be able to watch their pet spring to life on screen!

The exciting VIP world gives users the chance to feed and accessorise their pet, decorate their home outside and in and make friends with other pets.  There are lots of fun games to play too as well as the chance to win kibble coins (VIP’s special pet currency) to spend on the site.

If your pet is feeling tired from all his adventures, take him to the new VIP beach to relax and catch some sun. There is even a tropical Island out at sea for you to discover!

The site is really safe too, with your own personal code, so no one else has access in to your world.  Simply type in your username and password whenever you want and you can pick up where you left off, your cute little virtual pet will be there waiting for you!

And you don’t even need a Pet to get involved thanks to the free demo on the site – pop online and have a go!

VIPS are available now priced £12.99 (SRP) from all good retailers.

For Your Free Trial log on to www.littlestpetshop.com!

Totz2teens Review: First impressions of this toy was very positive.  My son was in charge of testing this out.  We were trying out the cat.  He didnt even complain that it was pink!  He was very keen to find the code and get on the games.  Our Cat was given a name of Bella.  The toy is beautifully plush and incredibly well made.  Whilst playing it was lovely to have her on our laps or desk.  Bella's Big eyes watching you play.  Once logging onto the computer, you key in your secret code which is provided with the toy. 

The site is excellent.  It keeps the child (and adult) entertained for absolutely ages.  There are a multitude of games to play which all seem perfectly designed.  Some more difficult than others but all with the reward of Kibbles when finished.  The character can be moved around the different areas including the village and dock.  All areas have different things to see and games to play.  Both my son and I took it in turns and I have to confess I went on even without him and had a good time.  Its nice to share something and understand what your child is playing on the internet.  Your pet is in its own world so you are not connecting with other users so therefore its safe for the child to access.  We liked doing the scavenger hunt which meant you searched around the world looking for specific times. 

Some valid points that my son made:  He says that the site isnt easy to navigate round.  Even though there is a map its alot of faffing about to get where you want. We discovered that you can access the games through one of the buttons for ease but we did like visiting the different areas.  He said that the games were really enjoyable and would like to carry on playing them.  He did feel though that perhaps the whole site and toys were aimed at girls but that didnt stop him enjoying it at all.

We very much enjoyed reviewing the Littlest Pet Shop VIP's and would be happy to recommend them for other totz2teens members.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5


FurReal Friends - Baby Duckling

Mother duck has been working hard to hatch her eggs in time for Easter so children can be given the most egg-citing gift of all; a Newborn Baby Duckling!

These adorable Baby Ducklings are the perfect alternative to chocolate eggs and are just waiting to be picked up and cared for.

The Newborns Collection, from the popular FurReal Friends range, has a number of cute baby animals, all with realistic movements and sounds.  The cute Baby Duckling features softer than soft yellow fur and a feeding bottle.  When you feed him, he’ll move his head and make realistic ‘quacking’ sounds in delight.

Baby Duckling joins Baby Parrot, Pig, Lamb, Kitten, Puppy and Bunny in the Newborns Collection and later in the year, more baby animals including a Seal, Chipmunk and Penguin will join in the FurReal fun.

The Perfect gift this Easter, Baby Duckling is priced at £12.99 (SRP) from all good retailers. Visit www.hasbrotoyshop.co.uk for more information
.  Age 4+

Totz2teens Member Review:  Here is the perfect replacement to an Easter Egg.  Yes perhaps a little bit more money but well worth it in my opinion.  This lovely little furry is strangely adorable and my kids are arguing as to who can play with 'her' first.  Currently she is called Quackers and has a bed made for her next to his bed.

The fur is very soft and I must say as I sit her with her on my desk I find myself stroking her soft fur.  Her blue eyes are looking at me asking for food.  We have a white duckling which is fabby as I love white ducks.  Her head is positioned to suggest she is asking for food.  When she is given the bottle she makes little noises and then a quack or two.  then she will make random quacks and wing or, head movements. 

I'm not sure about the concept of having a duckling with a milk bottle but my sons havent worried about that and have thoroughly enjoyed playing with her. 

I am currently laughing as the duckling has just started asking for food LOL and is trying to get my attention. 

She is about 18 inches tall and full of character.  I think £12.99 is an acceptable price for the product which is suitable for girls and boys alike.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5    

Play-Doh Make and Display
It’s been 50 years since Play-Doh first appeared in the nation’s toy boxes, but its appeal hasn’t faltered. It’s still the No 1. Pre-school brand and thousands of children across the globe
continue to enjoy hours of creative play with this fun modelling clay.

But for 2007, Play-Doh’s allure is set to capture the imagination of Mums just as much as children, with the launch of a brand new ‘Make and Display’ range. The Make and Display range allows kids to save their favourite creations in special see-through domes that keep the modelling compound fresh and the model protected, meaning much loved creations can be preserved and given as gifts to family and friends.

The Make and Display domes can give a new spin to personalising your desk space you’re your child’s work can proudly be displayed forever. There are a range of scenes available meaning that kids can wile away hours of imaginative 3-D play.

Include a step-by-step guide for making a colourful Play-Doh 3-D scene (or kids can use their own imagination) and then display it with pride in the clear display dome. Includes the dome and four 1oz packs of Play-Doh compound.

Kids can unleash their theatrical side with this kit. Inside are 5 packets of Play-Doh compound and instructions for making an exciting stage scene. The finished model then goes inside the dome, which is placed on the Stage Show base to light it up and bring the whole scene to life. The lights bring out the fluorescent neon colours of Play-Doh for a dazzling 3-D scene.

  • Make & Display Starter Scenes                           RRP £4.99
  • Make & Display Stage Show                               RRP £9.99
Totz2teens Review:
We tested the Make 'n' play scene starter set which is like a desert.  The pack comes with 4 colour strips of play-doh, a tool to create the scene, a great cactus and  a dome to cover your scene.

The cactus is great fun.  It can be used to create strings of play-doh to use in your scene.  Once the scene has been completed you can just pop over the dome and there it is for everyone to see.  I let my young son have it in his room on a shelf and I am sure he has had it down and done a few alterations to it since which is quite sweet.

The scene kits can be used on their own or added to the Stage show for different scenes.  

This is a great attribute to the play-doh range and I would recommend it for any little fiddly fingers.  (and big ones too)

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Postman Pat Friction Van
Friction Van with opening doors.  Removable Pat and Jess Vinyl figures.  Just push and watch it go!

Also look out for Ajay Bains and The Greendale Rocket, Ted Glen and Truck, Dr Gilbertson and sports car all in the same range.

Price £9.99  Main stockist telephone number is 01706 346 500

Totz2teens Review:
For a Pat fan this is a must.  It says from age 3 but the parts arent very small so I think it would be ok as a supervised toy for a younger child.  Friction cars are great and work really well on our floor.  So we really did watch Pat and Jess whizz across the floor.  Pat and Jess can come out which meant Pat went to the loo and in the garden too.  I also found postman pat on the website mentioned on the box www.postmanpat.com and on www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies so I printed out some pictures to colour in too.  "Pat Van" has been everywhere and its really been played with well. 

Totz2teen Rating:  4/5

Postman Pat Letters Pack

ISBN:  978-1-84750-129-5 

Developed for pre-schoolers the ‘Postman Pat® Letters Pack’ helps develop key reading and writing skills whilst encouraging family fun alongside learning, as children work with their parents to complete various activities. The pack includes a series of fun activities and tools such as envelopes and special Postman Pat® letter paper; colouring-in sheets; a felt-tip pen; four wipe-clean activity sheets and stickers of Greendale’s most popular characters.

‘Postman Pat® Letters Packs’ will be distributed free with every Postman Pat® Purchase over £15 in all Toys ‘R’ Us stores and online at www.toysrus.co.uk from 10 September 2007.

The pack is the first in a line of projects created by the partnership and contributes towards the National Literacy Trust’s push to get parents involved in reading and writing with their children. In January of this year the National Literacy Trust launched the ‘Family Reading Campaign’ which has been set up to highlight the importance of encouraging reading in the home.

Nikki Grass, Head of Marketing, Entertainment Rights, said: “Postman Pat® is the perfect ambassador to help parents and their children discover the joys of reading together.  Reading together is a great way to improve early learning skills and helps children in the formation of basic writing skills such as the

Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust, said: “Good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are key to getting the most out of life and the best way a child can develop these is to grow up in a house where reading is regularly encouraged and enjoyed. We’re delighted to be working with Postman Pat® – I’m certain he will help inspire families to have fun with reading and writing together.”

Totz2teens Review:
A great pack for Postman Pat fans everywhere.  It contains wipe clean activity sheets which is really handy.  A pen to use.  Colouring sheets, Postman Pat Paper and envelopes.  The pack comes in a super folder.  This would be a great extra when buying some Postman Pat toys at Toys R us. 

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5 


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