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Shock Doctor Mouthguard

If your kids like playing rugby, hockey or football, it’s always important to make sure that they protect their teeth – and the best way to do that is by wearing a Shock Doctor mouthguard.  

Shock Doctor mouthguards are the most technologically advanced self-fit mouthguards in the world worn by international superstars in rugby, hockey and martial arts. Based around more than a dozen patented technologies, Shock Doctor mouthguards offer unbeatable protection without the expense or hassle of a visit to the dentist. Shock Doctor even provides mouthguards specifically designed for children with braces. 

Shock Doctor has invested huge amounts in over 20 years of constant innovative research and development, and are the only mouthguards to integrate bottom jaw moulding and advanced concussion prevention creating the ultimate in oral protection.  

With the added reassurance of full CE certification and thousands of pounds of dental warranty, you can be sure your child’s dental health is safe with Shock Doctor.


Totz2teens Review
This arrived at a perfect time.  My Eldest son has decided to take up Rugby as an extra curricular activity.  I also a very paranoid about teeth (from experience).  The joy of this mouthguard is that there is no boiling necessary.  The particular mouthguard we have is for those with braces.  Fitting around the braces comfortably is fantastic and makes it so much more likely that he is going to wear the guard every time.  The clear blue colour is cheerful yet not offensive.  We have had black ones before and they look a bit horrid.  The beauty of the guard is that there are less chances of being cut by the braces if you get a ball in the mouth.  From the packet I was quite shocked that actually wearing a mouthguard can help protect against brain concussion as it helps dissipate the show of the blow to the jaw plus also protect from jaw fracture.  Something so simple can help protect so much.

My son said that he liked the mouthguard and would be pleased to wear it as he liked the colour!  He said it was comfortable over the braces and it wasn't difficult to remove.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

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