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Totz2teens was set up by parents for parents.  It is a community based site whose member base are parents or parents to be.  

The original members had become good friends through the internet and it became apparent it was time to spread out and create a new space for parents.

So totz2teens was created and has grown and grown since September 2006.  

Currently totz2teens has 3 admin and 4 moderators who are voluntary staff and do a great job at offering the support and fun that we all seek.

Of course no forum is anything without its members and so far we have been exceedingly lucky to find some fabulous people from all areas of the world.  Our members are from all walks of life and experience.  

You may also notice that we have a shop and there are various links around the site.  By using this links and shop, totz2teens reaps a small reward (sometimes a few pence) which really helps to contribute to the costs involved with the site.  No one takes a profit from totz2teens.

If you are curious why not just join up.  We don't mind if you just lurk to see what's going on but we are really welcoming and I am sure you wont be disappointed.  You would be surprised at the help and advice that is offered.  Life isn't just about the problems.  From day to day we share our happy times too.  We share jokes and laughs and those proud moments that our children of every age manage to bring into our day.  

We hope that you will feel confident enough to join us and I am sure you wont be disappointed.

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Our aim for totz2teens is to give parents somewhere that they are able to come and talk about anything they like. Be it a problem or to share a moment of joy or just to say hello and make friends who could be the other side of the world or just around the corner.
We here at totz2teens hope you enjoy your time here and will spread the word of our site and continue making it a great community




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