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Turn back time for a weekend in August

Read about my experience at England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle - A truly fabulous weekend

Win one of 3 Og on the Bog Games Win one of 3 Barbecue Party Games
Disappointing stay at the Clayton Crown Hotel! Water is “H2O,” or simply put, “Help 2 Others
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel Bedroom (I have sat on the bed)

Read about my night in the Clayton Crown Hotel and how disappointed I was!

Comparing waters - Is it more than a stylish bottle?

Find out here

Ohhh Cadbury's Buttons How I became a teacher ......
Kids Back to School so time to start thinking about dieting
Are you thinking about dieting? 

If so then you are not alone

Read on....

Bloating: The Cause and prevention

Consultant gastroenterologist at University College London, Dr Laurence Lovat, shares his professional and expert advice. He classifies and explains the differences between the three types of bloating, which foods to eat for a happier digestive system, as well as revealing other factors such as how fast you eat, that you may not know can also lead to bloating.  Read More....

How to throw the best Children's Party
Tanith Carey shares her tips and advice for parents who all struggle with common party planning pitfalls; from the ‘party-zilla’ who take on too much; the last minute over-spender; and the parent lacking confidence to get involved in party games and entertaining.

Read on >

Love Food, Hate Waste How to turn your child's play into learning
Tips to improve your digestive health New Start with an E Cigarette
Are you a smoker? Have you tried an E Cigarette yet?  Even if you have, Did you know they are not all the same? 
We tried out the Aspire Premium Kit here
Top Revision Tips for your Child lets talk about poo with Dr Ranj
As revision and exam season approaches, millions of youngsters around the country will be locked in their rooms cramming into the small hours.
Watch the video here to help give some top tips
Not just your ordinary Muslin Getting rid of the greys
Do you have a Muslin Square memory?

  My family has a few.

Read More Here

Competitions Plan Your Meals

Entering totzt2teens competitions is easy to do so good luck

Enter Here

Planning meals helps keep within budget. 
 Use our handy Planners to support your shopping.

Read more and download planners
Expecting a Baby I have some Happy Monkeys
Dr Penelope Law one of the UK's leading Consultant Obstetricians shares her essential advice from how to cope with morning sickness to what to expect from birthing plans   
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My own Happy Monkeys have enjoyed tasting Happy Monkey Smoothies and Milkshakes

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Biting the bullet with new scales Expecting Twins
Not having bathroom scales for some time I have bitten the bullet and boy are these good ones.... 
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Jane Denton from The Multiple Births  Foundation shares advice on preparing for having twins alleviating concerns with delivery and how the pregnancy is monitored  
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Are you proud of your Ipad Case? Why I had to have my oven cleaned!
When you get your tablet out are you embarrassed?  Not with this case.  They are amazing.
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Read about the reason I had my oven cleaned!
Thanks to Bright Grey and Sophie Wright Catering.
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When Yolanda met Dr Ranj Getting the stains out
Attending the MAD awards 2013 gave me the chance to meet Dr Ranj and some inspiring people

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Stains are a pain,
we are always seeking the product to give us an easier life. Find out how we got on...

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100 Most influential Gadgets Brilliant labels for EVERYTHING
Sony has announced that its PlayStation 4 console will be available in the UK from 29 November along with two new controller colour options. From the Zip to the PS4 - 100 years of the world's most influential gadgets

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So many different options of labels and so many places to put them

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Shocking results from washing Parents health fears from meningitis 

A recent survey testing  laundry has shown that bacteria linked to faeces is on 1 in 4 items of children’s washed clothes!!   NICE! 
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A new survey has revealed that three quarters of parents would like to see meningitis eradicated above all other vaccine preventable diseases.
Read Full Story  (and download our incredibly useful meningitis check sheet)
Making Lemon Curd

We Need Sleep!

Follow my attempt at making lemon curd using The Kids Only Cookbook

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We Need Sleep! A cry I’ve often heard from new parents and many struggling toddler mums and dads in my years in childcare.

Read Here for handy tips
First Farmyard Puzzle Review Really Useful Financial Q&A
First Farmyard Puzzle

There is no denying that technology can be great educational tools, but it should be a mix of traditional play as well as the latest tech toys
Read our review here and watch Dr Miriam Stoppard talking about educational toys

There’s a huge amount of social pressure on parents to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest things to keep the children happy. But when times are tough we need to go back to basics and cut back.
Read More Here
How to keep kids entertained on a journey  Free Downloadable Activities

Thinking of a long journey with Christmas coming up - need some help?

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Try out some of our fantastic downloads. Click and find some amazing brilliantly exciting activities for you to do with your child(ren).

Visit Here to choose your activities  
Reviewing Places to Go Competitions

Some of our members have been lucky enough to attend  films/shows/days outs

Take a look at all our current competitions where you have the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Read More & Enter Here
F.A.B. Diet Club
Totz2teens would like to welcome you to you our own Diet Forum - FAB -  Feeling all Beautiful.  We are able to support you and guide you through the struggle of getting fitter, losing weight or just feeling FAB about yourself. 

Join FAB today - its free!  But the support is invaluable. 
Diet tips try these here.
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Product Reviews Toy & Games Reviews DVD Reviews Book Reviews

To see all the current tests being conducted please visit here.
 Our previous tests have proved very successful -

To see the reviews click here

Moon Sand Construction SetFor reviews of toys

Please visit our test and review zone here

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For reviews of Computer Games please visit here

Reviewing DVD's has proved very popular. 
Visit here to take a look

Mums and Dads need some downtime too so have a look at the reviews we have here

Totz2teens members are being given the opportunity to review books.
With an honest approach we endeavour to help everyone find a great title for themselves or their family and friends.

Have a look here we have a great selection ~

Marvin's Funny Dance

 Top Baby Names Birth Stories
Latest Baby names list has been released

Take a look here
Do you have a birth story you wish to share.  If you have any lovely pictures of your family we would love to share them too.
Tell us here
See some of our members birth stories here

Trying to Conceive

Pregnancy Your New Baby

Tips, info & an ovulation calculator.
Find out more Here

Early signs of pregnancy, myths and old wives tales, how to treat your feet
and much more Here
Tips for looking after your new baby can be found including baby carrying Here
Parenting Advice and Latest Articles

How to keep your child safe online
Teens get involved in the legacy of London 2012 
Pledge to keep cars smoke free
Concerned Parents keep Bedwetting Quiet
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: Film Review

Do boys and girls play differently?
Coping Financially
Healthy Start - could you be claiming?

baby carrying

Being a parent is difficult enough here are some ideas to get you through the different phases but of course the easiest and best advice can be found from our members here

Parents urged to be wary of counterfeit baby slings
Working Parents cram 3.5 months of Quality Time into the typical family holiday
Are you smarter than a 10 year old?
Web TV: Spotlight on Bedwetting
Switching Baby's Bottle Shown to Ease the Symptoms of Colic

Starting School
Autism - An insight
Teen Parenting myths
University fees loan advice
Sharing Who does what at home

Your Relationship with your partner

How to Save Money in the home Other interesting Articles

Spend And Raise - totz2teens

We all hope our marriages/partnerships wont end in divorce.  We cant begin to imagine the distress but if you really are contemplating a separation then it is helpful to have some legal information or a friendly chat with friendly people.

Read our support page here to find out some great advice and help with financial matters or pop in talk to our members on the forums about your situation

Our aim for totz2teens is to give parents somewhere that they are able to come and talk about anything they like. Be it a problem or to share a moment of joy or just to say hello and make friends who could be the other side of the world or just around the corner.
We here at totz2teens hope you enjoy your time here and will spread the word of our site and make it a great community.
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